Reduced energy costs are the main priority as winter approaches

winter approaches
December 20, 2022

Many households are facing surging costs of energy as the winter is approaching so the Government is taking lots of measures to tackle this energy emergency. But there are also many things you can to do cut the energy costs of your home and for that, you have to find effective ways to use energy less. Do you want to make your home energy efficient? Talk with the Brighton estate agents  to help you explore options to make your home energy efficient with the expense that you will find satisfactory. 

Further, there are also simple steps you can take to decrease your energy costs this winter without losing the comfort you enjoy by making only a few minor adjustments in your life. Have a look at the steps.

  1. Upgrade the heating controls  

If you have old heating controls then it will surely not be as energy efficient as the modern systems. Therefore this may also be the reason why the energy costs can increase which will result in the energy expenses burning a huge hole in your wallet. You can plan to replace the heating controls with the new models without changing the boiler if it is in good condition. For instance, you can choose to install a room thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves and a programmer which will help you to control the heating effectively and efficiently as you prefer. By doing this you can save lots of energy because you are aware of how much energy you use each day and control it thereby reducing the energy costs this winter.

2. Change the boiler

If you are thinking of changing the boiler for a long time then now is the right time to do it because it will enable you to decrease the cost of energy this winter. The older models do not contain smart options to limit the use of energy. So replace it with a more modern efficient condensing boiler which is a great investment and can also help you cut your energy expenses by half. You will be surprised at how much fuel and money you could save by replacing the oil boiler. 

3. Try to trap the heat inside 

You can try to keep the heat inside your house so there will not be a lot of need to use the heater all the time. You have to insulate your home so that no heat is lost during the colder months and your home will stay warm even when it is freezing outside. 

Start by insulating the walls because there could be cavities which will give room for the heat to escape. Plus you can also try insulating the home by insulating the bottom of your property and also the top loft and roof. It is a great way to keep the home warm from all sides which will help you save energy costs you will spend for using the heater 24/7. 

4. Insulate pipes  

You can reduce the heat loss in the pipes which keeps the water hotter for a longer time by insulating the pipes. This step also reduces energy usage because you can decrease the use of energy for heating the water in the winter. You can insulate the pipes using the foam tubes that provide coverage to the gaps in-between the hot water cylinder and boiler and it is a simple step which you can do by yourself. 

5. Don’t forget the radiator 

The radiator reflector panels are a great option to decrease energy costs because when you fix them behind your radiators it reflects the heat emanating from the radiators back to them. As a result the heat never leaves through the external wall so you can save lots of energy too. 

6. Switch off the standby 

If you have the habit of putting the appliances on standby mode and forgetting about it, you can turn it off by removing the plugs because you will be able to save £65 a year on your energy bill by doing this. You can buy a standby saver or smart plugs that can help you to turn off all your appliances in standby mode in one go. 

Finding ways to reduce energy costs? Get help from the experts 

If you want to make your home energy efficient to get a good energy efficiency rating, get help from the expert estate agents operating at Brighton. They will offer you smart tips to save energy this winter and also lower your monthly and yearly energy expenses. Plus they will also help you know about the latest news on energy costs and usage so you can be up to date on all matters related to it. 

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