How much does it Cost While Leaning Quran Online?

Leaning Quran Online
April 5, 2022

Every Muslim should learn Quran as it is a noble deed and by learning Quran you can also get to solve your daily life problems and it helps you to spend a meaningful life. There is no fixed cost that is determined for learning Quran online. There are so many variations in the prices they charge for learning courses. Every app/website that offers to learn Quran. 

Details are mentioned below.

Costs in Learning Through Apps

There are various apps available online from which you can learn Quran online. There are some features that are common in almost every app like the recitation option, Translation, and Tafseer option. These apps are 90% of the time free of cost ad they consider providing the facility of learning the Quran for others as a noble act. 

They have an option of donation from which you can send them money as much as you can afford and according to your liking. 

There are also some apps that charge, you have to subscribe by paying them to use the app. That subscription also has variations like the subscription for a month and a year. It depends on you which one you want. This amount can variate between 10 dollars and 15 dollars depending upon the type of subscription you want.

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Hiring an Online Tutor

Hiring an online tutor is also a great option if you want one-on-one attention from the tutor. The price of this category also has a lot of variations. If you want a tutor on an hourly basis then you can have an option about paying him around 3 dollars an hour to 5 dollars an hour.

If you want to hire someone on monthly basis then you have different options around 20 to 30 dollars and for more highly experienced tutors you need to pay more.

Hiring an online tutor provides you with so many benefits and the tutor would provide his full attention to you during the classes.

Courses of Quran through Different websites

There are also websites that offer online learning courses for Quran. They are free of cost most of the time and offer different types of Quran learning courses of different time periods. Some of them do charge for their services but the prices are not fixed. They variate depending upon the course you want to learn and the time period of the course as well. 

There are some websites that are totally free but they do have an option in which you can send some money as a donation because they need some money to run the website and to meet their expenditures.

Factors on which Costs Depends

There are multiple factors on which the cost of online learning depends and the subscription of apps and websites charge according to them.

• The time duration of the course.

• No of lectures.

• Cost of learning Quran online also depends on the factor of subscription duration, if it is monthly based then it would cost less and if it is a yearly basis then it would cost a little more.

• Type of the Course also affects the cost of the learning.

• Hiring a one-on-one tutor would have a different price.

• Hourly and monthly basis.

These were some factors that decide the price of learning the Quran online.

Which One to Choose?

First of all, you have to determine your budget and look for options that are affordable, you will always have the option of free apps all the time for learning Quran. 


All the possibilities of the prices are mentioned above that you can choose from.

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