Home Improvement In Modernism and Postmodernism Era

Home Improvement In Modernism and Postmodernism Era
April 5, 2022

English Literature saw its development after passing through a number of stages in order to appear as what we see it today. Each stage was specifically a period in the history of English Literature which facilitated the classifying of the literary texts on the periods, based upon the style of writing that flourished then. Read about Home Improvement In Modernism below.

Various research paper writing have been studied and then a proper segregation made for these literary periods. And therefore, it becomes important to understand them if one needs effective assignment help. 

After the Middle Ages, wherein texts were prominently based upon the religious aspects, the Renaissance engulfed the whole of England and gave it the age known as the Golden Age of Literature or the Elizabethan era.

Queen Elizabeth was a great patron of literature and so during her times, flourished some of the great dramatists of all times like William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. The age marked an advent of creativity into the field of literature. Thereafter it never saw backwards.

The succeeding Jacobian and the Puritan age too saw some of the most popular works like Paradise Lost by John Milton. Within no time, King Charles II was restored to the throne of England and with him came more liberty into the world of arts, particularly literature. Study help me is one such platform where you can get more information or assignment help related to this topic.

This marked the advent of the Neoclassical age or specifically the Restoration era in English Literature. The Neoclassical era was further divided into the ages of Dryden and Pope and did share a few common as well as a few different characteristics. Then came the Romantic era, linking itself more to the people than to the crown. The poets write more for the understanding of the common man than to express royalty.

Then came the Victorian era bringing with it the clash of religion and science and the aftermaths of the Industrial Revolution. And within no time steeped in Modernism and Postmodernism. These two periods saw the greatest wars of all times on humanity. Important point in Home Improvement In Modernism.

This left us with completely distorted views of humanity as well as our own identity. Therefore, these two periods consist of works written mostly on these distorted views. And that is how we embarked on a journey of the advent of different ages in English Literature. 

The term modernism is used to refer to identify new and distinctive features in the subjects, forms, concepts and styles of literature and other arts in the twentieth century, especially in the period after World War I. there are several features of the modern era but it is widely classified as a period that broke away from the traditional writing styles of the past not only in the field of literature but also in the field of Western culture.

The periods preceding the modern era obeyed the traditional styles of writing, incorporating it into their own styles and cultures. The neoclassical era followed the classical model and added their own touch to it. The modern era was a time when the individuals were psychologically disturbed. There was a preparation for the war that crushed all humanity.

Before the ultimate war, there were several small wars that were regional in nature and had already laid grounds to shake humanity. The writers could no longer sit and admire nature like the ones in the Romantic era or involve themselves in art and cultures like the neoclassical or the Elizabethan era.

The focus had now shifted on portraying human psychology more than anything else. Along with this, the modern writers tried experimenting new ways giving rise to the isms that characterized the modern era. 

The year 1922 signalized the heights of modernist writing with the coming of Ulysses by James Joyce, Wasteland by T. S. Eliot and Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf, along with other such works in literature. The catastrophe of the war had shaken the foundations of everything beautiful and the faith in durability of the Western civilization and even raised doubts as to the adequacy of the prevailing literary modes to represent the harsh realities of the postwar world. 

Another prominent feature of the modern era was the avant-garde, who were a small group of artists who deliberately took it in their hand to come up with innovations. Among these people, the most popular one was Ezra Pound. These artists represented themselves as alienated from the established order against which they exerted their own autonomy. The writers who dominated this era were T. S. Eliot, Franz Kafka, Dorothy Richardson, Luigi Pirandello, Stephen Mallarme, W. B. Yeats and others.

The literature and art formulated after World War II, was known as the postmodernist text. In this era the effects of the Western morale of the World War I, were greatly exacerbated by the experience of Nazi totalitarianism and mass extermination.

There prevailed a continuous threat of the destruction that can be caused by the atomic bomb as well as the threat of the destruction of the natural environment. Postmodernism involves not only the continuation of the country’s traditional experiments of modernism but also diverse attempts to break away from the modernist forms which had by now become conventional. The works were written in such a manner that they were both serious and playful and even served the writer’s purpose. They were written in such a manner so as to resist classification according to any classical literary genre. Samuel Beckett’s popular play Waiting for Godot perfectly fits in the category.

It vividly represents the loss of identity for individuals, the futility of human life and the meaninglessness spread all around. This work was written in the category of the Theater of absurd wherein the dramatists served the purpose of bringing to the audience the absurdity of the human life prevailing then, and that too suing light humor and conveying a serious meaning.

Various research paper writings state that there were more art forms that developed in this era like, newspaper cartoons, popular music as well as television. 

Therefore, these were the basic differences between modernism and postmodernism important for students to get effective assignment help. Hope you love reading about Home Improvement In Modernism.

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