GeneralWhy Namkaran Ceremony is Significant in Hindu

Why Namkaran Ceremony is Significant in Hindu

It is the name of each individual that remains for a lifetime. More than your physical presence, your name makes you prominent among all. In Hindus, Namkaran is among the most auspicious ceremonies to give the newborn baby his name. It is, therefore, essential to know the importance of the Namkaran tradition and how your name can impact your life. 

Rituals in the Namkaran ceremony 

In The Indian Hindu Vedic Culture, Namkaran Sanskar stands for the name-giving ceremony for a newborn child. In any Hindu family, the birth of a baby comes with a lot of happiness. They want to offer the child all worldly happiness and pleasures. 

When the child becomes 12 days old, the child’s family generally organizes a Namkaran ceremony to give the child a unique name. The planetary positions of the child during the birth are analyzed in the ceremony. Each child’s family member, including the child’s mother, remains present during the ceremony to give the child a name that will stay with him lifelong. 

A priest performs the vedic rituals of the ceremony. They perform Yagna and other poojas during the ceremony. The family’s ancestors are also worshipped to get their blessings for the newborn child. The purpose of performing the yagna is to seek the energies of the Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood for the child. These rituals help the child to get divine power and lead a happy and prosperous life in the future. 

Choose the right name for the baby. 

We all want to give a unique name to a child. A name chosen according to the planetary positions is believed to bestow the child with good luck and fortune. You might have been spending a significant part of your day thinking about the right name for your child. It would help if you found a suitable name for your child. By giving an appropriate name for your children as per astrological suggestions, you can ensure a successful life for them. 

Significance of vedic astrology in your baby’s name 

If you are looking for the right name for your child, you can take help from vedic astrologers. As your child’s name is decided according to the position of the Moon and other planets, an astrologer‘s support might benefit you. 

According to vedic astrology, the Moon is a person’s zodiac representing the power of the Moon. On the contrary, the sun is symbolic of the human soul. The Moon also controls our minds and thoughts. The Moon’s energy will surely activate the person under the Moon’s influence. Therefore if you keep your child’s name according to the position of the Moon’s Nakshatra, your child will be guided by the Moon Nakshatra’s post. 

How is the name’s first letter chosen according to the Moon sign?

Every person has seven divine energy chakras that are influenced by different planets. A Nakshatra controls the world. The Nakshatra gets its energy through the cosmic energy of the Moon. The point may increase or decrease daily, depending on the power of the Moon. It is, therefore, necessary to keep your baby’s name by your child’s Moon nakshatra.

Astral knowledge is abundant in vedic astrology. So, before starting a beautiful journey with your baby, giving your child a meaningful name is necessary.

Selection of a baby’s name 

Most Hindu families count on vedic astrology to find relevant names for their children. The initial letter of a child’s name is considered most auspicious. The initial letter of a baby’s name is decided by assessing the “Janam Nakshatra,” or the child’s birth star. Sometimes families prefer choosing a child’s name according to the deity of a month or even after a deceased ancestor. 

The following are the five principles of giving a name to a child. The five principles are as follows: 

  • Nakshatranam, or according to the lunar month of the child’s birth
  • Masanam or according to the month of delivery of the child 
  • Devatanama or according to a deity worshipped by the child’s family 
  • Rashinama, or according to the child’s zodiac sign
  • Samsarikanama or according to familiar mane by the mundane word 

What are ideal gifts for a Namkaran ceremony, according to astrologers? 

Name giving ceremony is the most auspicious ceremony in any family. Like any other ceremony, it will only be complete with giving gifts to the child. You can give the child something in gold, diamond, or silver to the child. Also, you can gift clothes, toys, stuffed toys, and baby skincare products to the child. 


Name-giving ceremony in Indian society, therefore, comes with a bundle of joy. Consult an astrologer to learn more about the significance of the ceremony. They can also guide you about the rituals performed in the ceremony.


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