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Why Do Air Coolers Throw Water? And 5 Quick Ways To Avoid Them!

Summers are near and people love to use air coolers. But have you ever thought of the technology being used there? The operating theory of an air cooling system is that as the air moves through the liquid, the heat transfer occurs, and the air cools.

In this phase, the air is damp or humidified and emerges out like dampening the mood. That’s what you say when the water falls out. If this is not the situation, there is a defect with the air chiller, and it needs to be changed before it begins to cause more significant issues.

5 ways to stop Air Coolers from Throwing water

Checking the padsThey must be of a perfect size and in the system’s correct location.
Look for the float valveEnsure the Water adjusts to the correct level and is not spilling.
Test the water pipesIf the water pipes are loose or damaged, you can end up having leakage or spitting.
Inspect your reservoir for Water.You can do it yourself or call the mechanic.
When is it not working well?Humid air or damp air causes the cooler system pads to not retain water.

It is worth mentioning that, if you are not confident about inspecting your air cooler, you can contact with Urban Service Plaza Home appliance repair center in Kolkata who will send their expert technicians fast to solve your issues.

Fresh air coolers with advanced cooling technology

In recent months, evaporation air-cooling innovation has grown a lot. Big companies like Honeywell sell air coolers that are least noisy, compact, and use honeycomb conditioning to boost cooling efficiency.

If you are on the hunt to purchase an air cooling system and have yet to determine among a branded model or a locally produced device, please utilize our Air Cooler Purchase Guide for guidance.

Reasons when the water is thrown out of the cooler

Once you have provided a detailed cleaning to your cooler, you notice that perhaps the Water still is thrown out, you could check for the following reasons:-

Checking the pads

Please ensure the pads inside the unit are a perfect size and have also put in the system’s correct location. When the pads are much too thin or uneven, the water will get through them instead of absorbing them as it ought to be. That could cause your unit to spit water.

If that’s the case, please position fresh pads in your machine, which must stop the problem.

Look for the float valve.

Much like someone’s washroom float, the air cooler already contains a float mechanism. Please ensure the Water adjusts to the correct level such that the liquid is not spilling. Often, check to see whether the tubing is obstructed so that the water does not drain correctly.

Test the water pipes

Whereas, if water mains that bring the liquid to the cooling system are loose or damaged, you can end up having leakage or spitting. You will seek additional tubing in a reliable home repair company, but if you’re not satisfied doing this sort of repair, the HVAC mechanic should be ready to assist.

Inspect your reservoir for Water.

If the water reservoir cage cracked, you would experience leakage from your machine. That is yet another part that you can buy from your nearest home repair shop. Yet again, if the concept of carrying out this form of repair provides you the butterflies, the mechanic will be able to assist you with this move.

When is it not working well?

The evaporative cooler will not fit well in areas with a high degree of exterior humidity. When there is too much dampness in the air, the cooler system pads will not retain much, if any, of extra water, making it difficult for it to function effectively.

How the Air Cooler functions.  

Air coolers use Water to regulate outdoor temperatures. An efficient air cooler will chill up to 30°F of indoor air from scorching outdoor conditions when functioning right. These appliances have cleaner air because they have filtered by the water stream and the filtration devices that provide the cooling mechanism.

Saturation of the cooling pads before use

One way to ensure immediate cooling is by allowing the pump to run when filling the reservoir with water. The motor runs the Water through the cooling pads, enabling them to absorb the Water earlier. Once the pool is loaded, you could run the machine. That lets the cooler chill the air as quickly as you switch it on. 

There are a few more things you could do to make your air cooler more functional. It may be anything as easy as shutting down the sheets in your bedroom to prevent heat from flooding the bedroom or turning off the lighting and other devices. Ensure that the air cooler is mounted in the right location, where the warmth can lower quickly while supplying cold air to everyone in the room.

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Maintenance measures to enhance the total lifespan of your Air Cooler

Tips to keep your Air Cooler in best shape:

  • Oiling of the engine and pump.
  • Cleansing of water tanks against scaling.
  • Confirm any loose links in internal electronic systems—cleaning the turbine shaft and other sections for the correct water flow.
  • Cleansing of water delivery pipes/channels for delivery of Water across all sides.
  • Cleansing of the inside / outside portions of the cooler structure.
  • Advantages of upgrading the Cooling Pads
  • The lifespan of a cooling pad is just one summer after the evaporation has decreased.
  • A cooling pad will be the only cooling medium for efficient cooling.
  • Choking pads will make you smell terrible.
  • Choking pads may give rise to germs/viruses.
  • Choking pads can result in less air distribution.
  • The choking of pads may result in an imbalance of the engine, resulting in increased power consumption.
  • Sagging pads contribute to Water and other issues.
  • The annual change of the cooling pad guarantees optimal cooling.

How are these distinct from fans & air conditioning?

Sometimes it is misunderstood about the evaporative type air cooler vs. the classic fans and the windshield or broken air conditioner.

An Air cooler is not “Just a fan”

Air coolers use the water evaporation’s natural potential to chill arriving hot air using a potent fan to dislodge the freshly cooled air. The average temp of warmer air can decrease dramatically when liquid Water converts to water vapor (via evaporation).

Air Coolers and Mist fans the same?

Mist fans are mostly for outdoor use unless you need your fan to offer you a pleasant breeze in your sitting room. It must also be quite hot and relatively dry for the whole Water to evaporate entirely without leaving a wet patch on the floor around the fog fan’s bottom. Mist fans will need a continuous water link. There is no reservoir, so you could only use it if you have a water link nearby wherever you want to use the fan.

The Air Cooler isn’t just an Air Conditioner.

Air conditioners made with energy-hungry compressors require a liquid refrigerant to consume, which encapsulates hot air towards cold air. Well, outside the hall, the hot air should produce. The more complex air conditioners’ structure often makes them more costly to buy and consumes substantially higher energy while in use.


Take a glance at the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) score of the cooling system. The CFM is just the sum of air flowing via the air cooler every minute. The greater the cooling system’s CFM score, the quicker the air cools, offering more generous coverage for the room you would like to chill.

Water tank proportions

Know the water tank size of an air cooler. The ability of the tank provides a brief indication of how much area the cooler should cool down. Few room coolers & external coolers get a built-in continuous water supply connection that allows users to attach to their home’s watering hose for constant refueling.

How efficient is the evaporative cooling of the air?

Interestingly, in contrast to air conditioning units, evaporative air chillers are far more efficient in interior and external cooling. In reality, air coolers could cool more significant areas in much less time owing to their high draught of air and quick cooling. 

More significantly, air coolers could be used efficiently in exterior areas where air conditioning systems are available. For both developed and developing regions, millions of citizens employ air coolers mostly in the open.

Are Air Coolers good for your health?

The claim focused on the flawed belief that air coolers maximize moisture, which can trigger microorganisms’ growth. However, the aspect not mentioned in this false statement – India, like so many other nations wherein air coolers are commonly used, has a temperate climate. 

That ensures there isn’t moisture in the atmosphere to start with, and the rise induced by the cooler contributes to cooling instead of dangerous conditions.

However, the entire debate about ‘air coolers and well-being’ is centered on a hypothesis that is not supported by any empirical evidence, although the beneficial impact of utilizing air coolers towards the ecosystem is well known. 

They use a natural cooling process, use less power, and are simpler to manage. We know quite well about the dangerous CFC gasses released by many other ACs.

The ozone layer within our environment is exhausted as it encounters these chlorofluorocarbons. This ozone layer is liable for removing toxic emissions from the sun, although, in its absence, it poses a significant danger to all organisms on earth.  Air Coolers, from the other side, do not release anything but a relaxing breeze of naturally chilled air.

It is worth mentioning that if you have issues in your air cooler or other home appliances, contact the appliance service center soon for a quick and doorstep service.


Thus if the conditions are too hot, your air cooler will have to perform a lot harder, and most probably won’t be able to provide enough water to chill the pads. To fight this, you’ll need to raise the percentage of Water flow into your air cooler pads by around 50 percent. 

That will prevent the pads of the system from drying over and helps your home cool down effectively. And in case the water is spilling out you need to find the exact reason and fix it well.


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