Real EstateIncentives in the Real Estate Sector

Incentives in the Real Estate Sector

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Due to the stability and firmness of the real estate sector, its investors are increasing at an extensive pace. In Pakistan and around the globe, financiers who are attached to the real estate field are making massive profits. They invest in the property business for a reason as they consider it the most profit-generating sector of the country. 

Especially in Pakistan, investors are persistently toiling to knock their capital at the right door for long-lasting future investments and securing a stable position in the market. They have their share in incentives and inducements that the government of Pakistan has announced for businesspeople linked to the real properties.

The pace of progress in the sector is determined by the speech that Fareena Mazhar, Secretary of Board of Investment, delivered in a seminar held in Abu Dhabi named Construction and housing for Sustainable Development. She urged the investors to take their part in developing the Pakistan real estate industry solidly. The property businesses in Pakistan are really generating more opportunities and incentives for the folks who have a wide range of experience in the field, those who are toddlers in the market, and those who are yet to join the real estate Pakistan.

Fareena Mazhar also informed the participants about the incentives and benefits they can avail themselves of from investing in real estate businesses. 

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Why invest in real estate?

One would need a satisfactory answer to their questions about why should they invest in real estate? So, certain reasons could stop you from dragging your feet out of the property business and would encourage you to become a successful investor. 

New Projects 

Local and foreign businessmen made their way to invest in real estate in previous years. That added wings to the development of infrastructure and development projects. The sector received more importance as PM Imran khan focused on releasing more funds to grow economic culture and investment policies. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is one of them in which builders and contractors are eagerly ready to invest with the hope of gaining incentives. These steps from the government of Pakistan helped to bring investment to the country.

Pakistan Housing Scheme aims to build 700,000 housing units. Only half of them are completed to date. There are huge opportunities for builders, developers, and contractors to increase their investment for earning high outcomes. They can explore further prosperity with coming new projects. 

Tax redemption 

A strong and unreasonable factor for you to invest in real estate is the tax redemption policy of the current government. The government of Pakistan has announced a special tax exemption to sustain the construction industry. 

The builders can take benefits of lower taxes on the purchase of building materials. According to sections 150 and 153, the tax will be only applied to purchasing cement and steel. The government set free the builders and contractors from paying the plumbing, shuttering, electrification, and other necessary services by adding more benefits. 

Government hand-shake

With the rapid growth in the real estate market, many people are willing to invest in real estate, but they don’t have the proper resources to become part of the property business. In that case, the government of Pakistan has declared special incentives to instruct banks for giving loans in easy conditions. The government hand-shake will help them to become the owner of their property.


As you can see the rising of the real estate sector, you can also take your share from the incentives the government has announced for the property businessmen by contacting Sigma Properties. We deal in commercial and residential properties and promote real estate businesses. 

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